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The Pandemic A Leap Of Faith - Covid-19 Vaccine Fatwa in Indonesia Religious Institutions Independence and Rival Politics

Abdul Ghofur, - and Achyani, - and Ade Gunawan, - and Agus Darmawan, - and Agus Sutanto, - and Agus Sutanto, - and Agustina Dwi Wijayanti, - and Ahmad, - and Ahmad Salim, - and Ahmad Zaini, - and Akhsanul Fuadi, - and Ali Imron, - and Amaluddin, - and Andari Wuri Astuti, - and Asih Fitriana Dewi, - and Asih Rahayu, - and Asrori Mukhtarom, - and Bambang Eko Siagiyanto, - and Desak Nyoman Sithi, - and Dewi Risalah, - and Dwi Purnomo, - and Early Ridho Kismawadi, - and Eko Suprayitno, - and Elika Joeniarti, - and Endang Noerhartati, - and Endang Surjati, - and Farida Elmi, - and Farida Kartini, - and Fenny Thresia, - and Firman Alamsyah Mansyur, - and Fithriatus Shalihah, - and Fitri Nur Isnaniyah Rahaju, - and Habib Shulton Asnawi, - and Handoko Santoso, - and Hening Widowati, - and Ika Dewi Sartika Saimima, - and Imam Sukwatus Suja’i, - and Indria Nur, - and Jamilah, - and Lilis Aslihah Rakhman, - and M. Anang Jatmiko, - and M. Anwar Nawawi, - and M. Ihsan Dacholfany, - and M. Nurdin Zuhdi, - and Maifalinda Fatra, - and Makmur Harun, - and Mamnuah, - and Melati Ismi Hapsari, - and Misbah Zulfa Elizabeth, - and Moh. Makmun, - and Muchtadi, - and Mufdlilah, - and Muh. Mustakim, - and Muhammad Idris, - and Muhammad Ihsan Dacholfany, - and Muhammad Syafi’i, - and Nanis Hairunisya, - and Nedi Hendri, - and Puja Audri Oktavianis, - and Rahaju, - and Raihana, - and Rangga Sa’adillah S.A.P., - and Rita Ambarwati, - and Rizki Mustika Suhartono, - and Rochsun, - and Rr. Setyawati, - and Saefurrohman, - and Samritin, - and Sandie, - and Saut Maruli Tua Manik, - and Siti Patonah, - and Suardin, - and Suciati, - and Sudirman AM., - and Sulastri Rini Rindrayani, - and Sumaji, - and Syarifah Fadillah, - and Tono Suwartono, - and Upik Mutiara, - and Usmiyati, - and Wa Ode Al Zarliani, - and Wantonoro, - and Widya Sartika Sulistiani, - and Yos Adi Prakoso, - and Yuli Purwandari Kristianingrum, - (2021) The Pandemic A Leap Of Faith - Covid-19 Vaccine Fatwa in Indonesia Religious Institutions Independence and Rival Politics. In: UNSPECIFIED BILDUNG, Yogyakarta. ISBN 978-623-6379-24-0

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Imagine where we are in 2019. We are still living in best possible way, we gather, we socialize, and we celebrate plenty of things together with our loved one without worry. The 2019 is just two years ago, but in certainly feels like longer than that. Now, we are at the year of 2021. The pandemic has beeb with us for 17 months now. The countres all over the worlds loosen and tighten its boreder as the pandemics evolve into certainty when the vaccinations held. Indees, the catastrophic of the pandemics didn't just leave us behind, many of us losing out loved one and in grief. Yet we are still hopeful of the future especialyy when Science nurtured our thinking while God is with all of us at heart.

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